I was looking for a job, and then I found a job / And heaven knows I'm miserable now


Como poderia ela ter-se esquecido de si

[Barrabas (1919), Louis Feuillade]


a louca atirou uma a uma
ao rio as poucas coisas que trazia
atirou-se também por fim
como poderia ela
como poderia
como poderia ela ter-se esquecido de si

Bénédicte Houart, Vida: Variações, Cotovia


Bom dia



Syd, Fin (2017)


O Oscar

E o Oscar de Melhor Banhada vai para... O Balde de Água Fria!

#woohoooo #waterfall


I got a complicated soul ♫

Follow My Voice, Julie Byrne, em Not Even Happiness (2017)

Natural blue

Stars over a back porch
They're talking but I, I don't say much anymore
It's old news but if you're asking
Been a long time since I...
Since I've been moved

But when I first saw you
That feeling, it came over me too
Natural blue

Natural Blue, Julie Byrne, em Not Even Happiness (2017)

To sleep on the job

Um crítico do NYT elogia a interpretação de Sy Richardson em To Sleep With Anger, enquanto vai descrevendo a personagem, que por acaso é outra.

#facepalm #são_todos_iguais


Good morning there, so the battle begins

Gradual casual damage remains
Words that aren't finding my tongue
Grip to a tantrum I'm an addict
A drunk

How could the chemical fail to please
Try it again to be sure

Pour Reward, Lou Barlow, em Apocalypse Fetish (2016)

Treleuze e disse

Para mim uma jaula não tem como objectivo ser entendida totalmente, disse o Deleuze treslido.

Auto-retrato emprestado, IV

Que tristeza.


Sans Toit Ni Loi


Der Himmel über Berlin 

n'A Mulher Que Viveu Duas Vezes


A toca do coelho

Por mais vezes que despertasse, regressava ao mesmo sonho. Vencida pelo sonho, acordou para a vida e levantou-se.


Água Cláudia

Aqua Claudia was an aqueduct of ancient Rome that was begun by Emperor Caligula in 38 AD and finished by Emperor Claudius in 52 AD. 
The Aqua Claudia maintained its structure and appearance for so long because of the ingredients inside the concrete. Romans would mix in volcanic ash (...)
The aqueduct went through two repairs during its standing. It was said that the Aqua Claudia was used for 10 years, then failed and was out of use for 9 years. 
(...) the causes of the repairs of the Aqua Claudia are unknown.


Contaminações, XII

Nicholas Hoult em Equals (2015), Drake Doremus // Menina Limão ela mesma (2010), por Eduardo Basto


Mulher não entra

Muito bom texto: The Public Voice Of Women, pela Mary Beard (merci, Serge).

They hate us, IV

They hate us, III


They hate us, II

A Menina Limão é um encanto.


Woody Guthrie's New Years Rulin's

Newsletter Fevereiro — Casa da Música

(...) Brad Mehldau, um dos maiores pianistas do jazz actual, ressurge em trio, Adriana Calcanhotto apresenta-se ao lado de Arthur Nestrovski, enfim, não faltam motivos para percorrer com atenção a programação de Fevereiro. 

Enfim, se quiserem pagar-me a mim, faço eu a comunicação da Casa da Música, no problem.





Porra, 2017

[Intro: Killer Mike]
How long before the hate that we hold
Lead us to another Holocaust?
Are we so deep in it that we can't end it?
Stop, hold, ever call it off
It's too clear, nuclear's too near
And the holders of the molotov
Say that "Revolution's right here, right now"
And they ain't callin' off

[Verse 1: El-P]
Wake up, roll an eighth up
Throw a double finger with a fist
Here at the abyss
I will be your tour guide
It is war time, check your wrists (Ready, kids?)
Over to your right, shine a light
Got a bevy ready for the fight
I just wanna live, I don't wanna ever have to load a clip
Only hunt bliss
I am still a kid in my heart
But these motherfuckers sick
They don't give a shit, not at all
They don't even want to let you take a little piss in a pot
Listen along
They don't want your love, shit is bugged
Motherfuckers steady getting rich from the blood
Love when you beg
Trust, I would sooner put a puckered pair of lips to the sun
Love will survive
Run out under iridescent lights for our lives
I will be surprised if we ever got the feeling so alive as tonight
Wild for the night
Look into my eyes
I am standing at your side for the fight
Minds over might
Swear to God
They could barely even see the dog
They don't see the size of the fight

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Wake up
Drink water
Smoke blunt
Clean, oil my Kalashnikov
Stockpile ten for me and friends in case shit get to poppin' off
The evening news givin' yous views
Telling you to pick your master for president
Been behind the curtain, seen the devil workin'
Came back with some evidence
I'm here to tell you don't let em tell you what's right wrong
Make love, smoke kush, try to laugh hard, and live long
That's the antidote
You defeat the devil when you hold onto hope
'Cause kinfolk life is beautiful
And we ain't gotta die for them other men
And I refuse to kill another human being
In the name of a government
'Cause I don't study war no more
I don't hate the poor no more
Gettin' more ain't what's more
Only thing more is the love
So when you see me
Please greet me with a heart full
And a pound and a hug

[Hook: BOOTS]
Save my swollen heart
Bring me home from the dark
Take me up, take me up, take me up
Take me up, take me up, take me up

Up, up, up
Up, up
Up, up, up, up, up, up

[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
Seen the devil give a sermon in the church
Seen an angel dancing in the club
Tryin' to feed a baby so I threw a thousand in the air
And blessed her with a hug
I done been down so many times
Walked on like a dirty rug
And now that I made it, can't fake it
Gotta give me what I'm truly worthy of
(Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy)

[Verse 4: EL-P]
And I don't know how much it really means to be right
(Means to be right, means to be right)
And what a joy it'd be to see some peace in this life
(Peace in this life, peace in this life)
And it occurs to me that maybe we ain't even really seein' it right
Here in the dark
Hoping just to see a beam of the light
(Beam of the light, beam of the light)

[Hook: BOOTS]
Save my swollen heart
Bring me home from the dark
Take me up, take me up, take me up
Take me up, take me up, take me up